Investing at 50 may seem scary. You may even worry that you won’t have enough saved to retire and enjoy the rest of your life when the time comes to retire. Here are some tips that will help you invest wisely including:

  • Building Your Investment
  • Increasing Your Investment With A Side Gig
  • Saving More With A 4O1k
  • Taken Advantage of Your Company Match Plan
  • Invest Automatically
  • Start A Health Account
  • Begin A Budget
  • Invest In Robo Advisor
  • Target Those Extra Fees

Your Investment With Stocks And 4O1k

The stock market has had its difficulties, but having stock can become an excellent investment at any age with a return of at least 10%. Buying stocks is as easy to do as turning on your computer and going online.

You can buy stock online, through a broker, or a financial expert. With stocks, you can buy them and sell them when you are ready. Beware, though, of risk factors involved when purchasing stocks.

Side Gigs

Saving money can be difficult, especially when your job doesn’t pay enough. Having a second job or a side hustle can help get you to an early retirement fast. Think about making something you love into an opportunity for earning extra cash. With a side hustle, you can put that money into a 4O1k as much as sixty-four thousand at age 50.

Saving more with your 4O1k

Even at 50, starting a 4O1k is still a smart investment if you don’t expect to have any income after you retire. Since the time you plan on retiring is sooner than if you were in your thirties, why not increase the amount of money you put into your 4O1k?

If your company has a traditional 4O1k or a Roth 4Olk, now is a good time to increase the amount you put into it. 4O1k plan is pre-tax, which means less taxable income. Roth 4O1k is considered post-tax, but you won’t have to worry about the money being taxed again.

You can place any amount you want into your 4O1k plan. Plus, you get the benefits of having your money earn compound interest.

Advantages Of Company’s Match Plan

Studies show that many Americans don’t take advantage of their company’s match plan.

The advantage of using your company match plan includes that it’s free, you build up your money faster because they will match what you put in. For example, if you put in 5 percent of your salary, then your company will match it with the same amount.


Saving money automatically is a good investment. You can go through your local bank, your employer, or credit union to set-up the process. Your employer can take the money out weekly or monthly.

Saving this way means socking away more money on your future retirement and spending less on non-essential items.

Investing With A Health Saving Account

Medical bills can become a burdened even if you have emergency savings built up. As medical costs continue to rise in 2021, a health savings account can not only provide you with extra money, but they have tax-advantages and help on high deductible.

Not only are you not taxed with this account, but it grows tax-free. You also don’t have to pay taxes if you have a medical emergency. This type of fund will decrease your amount of taxable income.

Make A Budget And Decrease Spending

According to Warren Buffett, you should not save what is left but spend what is left after saving. If anyone knew how to budget and live simple, it was him. Having a budget is vital for maintaining control over your money. Some individuals hesitate to take this step because they think they will have to give up on the things that they love.

Budgeting your money can help you stop overspending on items. One coffee mocha tall cost about 3.65 cents. You can google the recipe and make your coffee, saving over a thousand dollars annually, then invest the money you save from budgeting with a good mutual fund that has a return range from 3 to 14 percent.

Deciding on what you can do without or cut back on can increase the money you will put into your savings or mutual fund.

Cut out expensive items or look for cheaper substitutes. Cut back on your utility bills with smart devices. If you want to reduce your energy bill by a significant amount, install a smart thermostat.

Invest With Robo Advisors.

Robo advisors can help you maximize your money, especially if you can’t afford to hire a full-time financial advisor. Robo advisors automatically find the best investment based on predetermined requirements.

Some Robo advisors will even pick trades for you that present the highest profits.
A few of the most popular Robo advisors are Betterment, M1 Finance, and Wealthfront.

Examine your Fees With Fund Analyzer.

You don’t need your hard-earned money going into investing that gets eaten up by fees. The Fund Analyzer will aid in keeping a watch on fees by comparing thousands of mutual funds and exchange products.

You could more than double your money with low fees. Fund Analyzer will help make it possible to estimate fees, expenses, and even receive a discount for you.

Invest With A Savings Account

If starting small, look at a savings account that will offer you the best annual percentage yearly. Chime has a 0.50 APY with no minimum deposit mandatory. They also have other attractive features that help you save even more. Stocks and other investments you can lose, but while your money is in a saving account, it’s not going anywhere.