When you are finally able to make investments, it may give feelings of thrill and excitement. The reason for this is that we all want to see profits and returns from our investments. However, in many instances, when we try to make investment decisions, we may have feelings of doubt because we lack the proper information.

In many cases, we are not sure how to access this information from reputable sources. Over the years, the investment in metals that are rare or precious has remained on a regular up rise as a result of the demand for the commodity.

But what exactly are precious or rare metals? These items are that which contain a high economic value. In many instances, some metals may be used as legal tender, while in related cases, they are put to various other uses.

There are various rare metals available out there; however, the ones that attract the most interests are Silver, platinum, gold, Copper, Palladium, Ruthenium, Osmium, Rhodium, and Iridium.


Of course, as a result of its great demand, the of most interest and the most lucrative among these is gold. Due to this great demand and interest, gold has been the top option for investment. The need for gold has remained steady over the years due to its durability.

Authentic gold does not rust or corrode; gold can conduct heat and electricity. However, the world’s population first associates gold with jewelry, and this is where a large percentage of the demand comes in.

This can be pressed or hammered into any shape due to gold’s malleability without being cracked or broken, hence the large marketplace for gold.

Along with jewelry, gold is also used as a kind of legal tender. This is so because gold can as well be attained in the physical structure, which is in the form of billion. Of course, if you choose to put money in the physical form of gold, you should ensure it is kept in a safe and secure environment.

Gold in it’s bar form is what is referred to as bullion. This gold bar will also have a stamp on it, which contains information about the amount of gold and the level of purity that the bullion possesses.

Bullion and Gold coins for investment can be acquired from the U.S. mint, dealers, banks, brokerage firms. Purchasing a stock in companies with gold mints is the other option for gold investment and gold futures contracts, and other entities in the world of finance.

This option of investing is more popular than buying gold in physical forms. However, it is essential to note that while gold is an excellent investment due to its high value, this value is determined and evaluated on the market all day, every day of the week.

The increase and price decrease is less determined by the demand or supply but is more influenced by the large gold amounts that is already mined and in possession of other investors.

Whenever these investors decide to sell their gold, the market will see a decrease in the price, and when they are ready to purchase, the gold prices will go up.

Other relevant reasons why gold is so valuable and creates an urgency for investors to purchase more rare metals. Firstly based on financial concerns, whenever money and the banks are seen as unreliable, investors have found that gold has a safe storage of value.

Also, in political uprising and crisis, gold investment drastically increases due to the ability to transfer large sums of cash into portable gold bars or coins safely stored. The metal usually stays in storage until the time comes to trade it for essential items needed for survival.
Lastly, when investors are receiving negative returns on the equity real estate or bond markets in times of inflation, gold has always maintained its value.


Silver, which is also a great investment option, also has similar valuable properties as gold. In terms of durability, silver can maintain its value primarily due to its its rust resistance. Silver also possesses a certain amount of resistance to corrosion.

While gold is a stable source of value, silver does not contain or has the ability to maintain the same stability. Therefore price fluctuations are more frequent and volatile. Silver possesses value for storage and more.

Silver has a great demand for investment mainly due to the need for it in industrial development. The influence on the cost of silver fluctuates with new development and innovations.

As an example: Silver, which once played a significant part in the photography industry’s development, experienced a fluctuation in prices when the digital camera replaced the photographic film primarily made from silver material.

The increase in value of silver is also seen where small businesses begin operation and sell items such as electrical appliances and medical products, and other products requiring silver for production.

Apart from its value as an industrious metal, silver cannot burn and so can be transported with ease from location to location, which also makes it an attractive investment option. Due to its various practical purposes and its value as an industrial metal, silver will always maintain its value.


Platinum has some similarities to gold and silver due to its trade 24 hours a day on the global commodities markets. However, platinum may trade at a higher price because it is a much rarer metal and it is scarcer than gold.

Platinum is also an industrial metal like silver. It is primarily used in the automotive industry, petroleum and chemical, and the computer industry. Platinum also has a demand on the jewelry market.

Even though platinum is rare the demand for this precious metal is stable which makes it another good investment option. Apart from being used in various industries, investors and buyers also collect and store this metal.

Other Rare Metals

Less popular metals such as palladium, copper, ruthenium, osmium, rhodium, and iridium are also known as industrial metals. While they may not be widely known, they still maintain value due to their use in dentistry, medicine electronics, jewelry, and various industrial products.

In general, all rare metals provide good options for investment. Rare metals do not possess risk to your credit, and the people who invest can avoid inheriting the risk of inflation. They also provide genuine “upheaval insurance” opposed to financial or political upheavals.
Despite the many advantages of putting money into rare metals, there are risks associated with this form of investment. The prices for rare metals can fall due to there being too many sellers and not enough buyers.

The Best of the Best

However, in general, gold is the best investment option due to its great interest, great value, and supply. Yet, one has to make the decision whether they want to put money into physical gold or related gold options for security. Individuals have been advised to have a small amount of their assets transferred into gold because it is best used as an insurance policy.
Usually, in instances of individuals losing assets, their investment portfolios are able to keep some level of stability once gold accounts for some of their assets. However, this is not so in all cases, so we encourage you to employ the assistance of a reputable broker who can effectively assist you in making the right investment options related to rare metals.